PLEASE READ THIS FIRST Using on a laptop without a projector: This program was designed to work mainly on a dual display system so if you plan to run it on a laptop without a second monitor you will have to understand a few simple things. 1. Both the presenter screen and the controller screens load at the same time with the controller screen on top. 2. When you press SHOW the controller screen disappears, exposing the presenter. 3. Use SPACE BAR to run the show. 4. To bring back the controller screen PRESS ESCAPE and then PRESS SHOW button to stop the show. On some computers you may have to use ALT-TAB to cycle through your applications to get to the controller screen. 5. You can use the following additional keys for control    SPACE BAR = show next slide                                       L  C  R = Left, Right, Centered text justification    UP ARROW = show previous slide                                 Control + 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 places current verse    F3 = hide text only                                                                           in a specific place on the screen. For    F4 = hide background image only                                                   short verses only.    F5 = hide text and background to black screen    + (plus) = upsize test in current slide (use Apply-to-all to make all slides the same style)    - (minus) = decrease text size of current slide    Right-Clicking in the PLAY LIST gives you options to edit text or add new slides (blanks one too)    Drag and Drop slides to change order within a sequence    Drag and Drop songs to change order within a play list    Drag songs onto the PLAY LIST    Drag the NOTES icon onto the PLAY LIST to act as a guide during the show.     THREE USER LEVELS OF OPERATION 1. Simple slide creation and presentation, saving and recalling playlists 2. Editing Templates, applying backgrounds, fancy text formatting, working with scripture, Powerpoint, audio, live video. 3. Building presentations that work. Involves knowing how to create your own backgrounds using other software.     It requires users with a strong artistic ability and a fluent understanding of Windows file management.   Built-in CHORD CHARTS and TRANSPOSER The new VideoPresenteR handles full page and 2 column chord charts and also has a built-in transposer, your team may be interested in using it for producing their chord charts. Also hope you are aware of for worship planning and sourcing songs. You can import directly into The VideoPresenterR for the web site. Access to the chord charts goes like this: 1. Click on any song title in the sequence list 2. Click the EDIT button 3. You'll likely have to hide the sequence list when the editor opens 4. To hide the sequence list click the small pin in the upper right corner of the sequence list panel. 5. Click the CHORDS tab 6. Print a song (You’ll need Adobe Acrobat Reader) and click SAVE to PDF and give it a name. 7. Right now we can only print single songs at a time but printing a play list is coming next.   NEWLY ADDED MP3 PLAYLIST CAPABILITY Not yet documented. As this program is still under some development there will be some upgrades coming. The newest one is now released and will have the ability to manage MP3 audio files. This will allow you to create an audio playlist for pre-service music. You can drag MP3 files onto a pictur or to a song for Karioke.     SETUP VIDEO MONITOR  MB includes help videos. This program will run fully operational for 30 days. UPGRADE from version or higher Download it here (ver 1424)
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Email jenny (at) if you need some training and she will setup a time. Please also don't hesitate to ask questions and provide suggestions. There are many hidden features that are not all that apparent. We are continuing to create more documentaion. Watching the videos will be a huge help to you. If you decide to use the program you can import all of your songbase material and also receive an activation code.
The software is easy to learn but also has a great deal of depth that will take a little while to get into - lots of goodies for the tech-heads.            Telephone training is also available if needed but this is summer and I am sometimes fishing.            Call 1-800-717-7833 for any assistance you need. Pacific Coast Time 9:00AM to 3:00PM
UNLIMITED SCREEN LAYOUTS You can arrange the workspace to virtually any style you like and then give it a name and save it. Recall the layout at a future date.
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